Greenpeace Guide

Buying UK and Irish produced OSB which carries the FSC certification is the best way to ensure your timber comes from responsible sources.

In recent years, Greenpeace has repeatedly exposed the use of illegal and unsustainable plywood made from timbers logged from the threatened rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

Their guide 'Setting a New Standard: Alternatives to unsustainable plywood in the UK construction industry', has cited FSC certified OSB as one of the most environmentally sound alternatives to non-FSC certified plywood.

The guide highlights how demand for plywood from the international marketplace is a major contributing factor to the destruction of these ancient rainforests. It also claims that the construction industry uses nearly 70% of all the timber products used in the UK and therefore has a vital role to play in understanding the issues and taking collective action to reverse the trend.

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