Engineered to exacting requirements, OSB meets EN300 and performs in a wide range of structural applications. Every panel produced in the UK and Ireland carries superb credentials to prove its suitability.


British Board of Agr????ment

The BBA issue European Technical Approvals. Their stamp guarantees OSB's performance under modern construction conditions.
OSB is also approved by the Irish Agr????ment Board (IAB) and other European certifying bodies.

Construction Products Directive

By law, construction products must comply with the 6 essential requirements of the Construction Products Directive (CPD), a piece of European legislation that has been transposed into national law in every member state of the EU. OSB achieves compliance with the CPD by meeting the requirements of the Harmonised Standard for wood-based panels (EN 13986).

The CE mark

Compliance with the CPD is denoted by the CE (Conformit???? Europ????an) mark. Products bearing the CE mark should be supported by data to confirm compliance with the CPD. These products are free to move between member states of the EU. OSB producers can provide a certificate of conformity as well as supporting performance data and you should ask for this.

All load bearing wood based panels intended for structural use must be marked with a CE mark. You'll see this mark on every OSB/2 & OSB/3 panel. As many plywoods do not have this mark or have only tested the bare minimum, they may not meet building regulations for the application you require.