General Uses for OSB

OSB can do practically anything Plywood can do. Here are the two most commonly-used types.


For structural and non-structural applications in dry conditions.

It's versatile, strong, cost-effective and available in a variety of widths, sizes and grades. If you're working on signboards, packaging, furniture, pallet tops, temporary formwork, sheds, hoarding or boarding it's ideal. Manufactured to EN300 standard.


For structural and non structural applications in humid conditions.

OSB/3 is conditioned to perform in moist environments. Basically it's a fully certified and superior alternative to softwood plywood. Versatile, tough and great value, it's ideal for both interiors and humid conditions thanks to its resin formulations. Manufactured to EN300 standard for strength and moisture resistance.

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Here are just a few examples of what OSB/2 and OSB/3 (the most commonly used panels) can do:


Between the performance of OSB/2 and the humidity-friendly OSB/3, you can package most things in a strong, safe way.

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