Here are just a few examples of what OSB/2 and OSB/3 (the most commonly used panels) can do:


Between the performance of OSB/2 and the humidity-friendly OSB/3, you can package most things in a strong, safe way.

Stables and kennels

Cost effective and versatile, OSB is perfect for the construction of stables, kennels and other animal shelters. For best results and to avoid splintering, always sand the cut edges. A primer and finish coat of paint will seal up the panels, ready for the happy owner to move in.

Concrete formwork

OSB/3 is suitable for temporary formwork where you don't need a smooth finish on the face of the concrete. Just use it in the same way as a plywood panel, remembering to seal and oil it before pouring the concrete.


Because it's a cost-effective, high-performance, environmentally-sustainable solution, you'll find OSB is used for floors and roofs in most shed construction.