OSB is great for rigid vertical diaphragms because of its high quality and high structural racking strength. Giving you a board you can trust to get the JOSB done safely. The stability it offers during transportation and erection make it a time and cost-saving buy.

When you're working on timber frames, you need to be sure you're on the right side of the Building Regulations and of the law; that means knowing all your structural panel products are fit for the job. That's not a problem with OSB. Here's why it's better, safer and trouble-free:

  • Manufactured to exacting standards.
  • Meets EN 300 requirements for strength and stability
  • Satisfies the loading requirements given in BS 5268 "Structural use of Timber" (withdrawn) and can be used for Eurocode design with published structural values,
  • Approved by the British Board of Agr????ment and the Irish Agr????ment board.
  • Recognised by Homebond, Local Authority building inspectors and the NHBC. ???????
  • Meets EN 300 and approved by the British Board of Agr????ment and the Irish Agr????ment board.
  • OSB/3 is suitable for humid conditions (as defined in terms of Service Class 2 of BS EN 1995-1-1:2004+A1:2008 for load bearing boards)
  • All UK and Irish OSB products conform with the Construction Products Directive (CPD) for structural use (attestation level 2+) via the CE mark
  • Every board of OSB/3 is marked ???????CE 2+ structural'
  • Manufactured by companies in the UK and Ireland that have been certificated to EN ISO9001:2000, the internationally recognised quality management system

If you'd like any more information, ask to see our KOMO/ETA/ VTT/Byggforsk.