There's been rain and sun; there've been tears and cheers; there've been near misses and, alongside an overwhelming demand for goal line technology, there've been goals. But after six long months all the shots have been taken, all the misses have been made and all the free breakfasts have been eaten. The winner of the JOSB Done ???????Points on the Board' 2013 tour has been crowned.

Despite storming to the top of the leader board on a wintery morning at only the second event of the ???????Points on the Board' tour - which saw tradesmen pit their footballing skills against an 8ft by 4ft piece of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) - Northampton's Calin Vaida, of JND Property Maintenance, posted an insurmountable score of 30.

As none of those who took part in the following three events in Banbury, Crewe and Gloucester could beat the score, Calin claimed the top prize of ????1,000 worth of tools.

On winning the competition, Calin commented: "I'm very pleased to win the ???????Points on the Board' competition and I can't wait to begin using my tools. Given that it was a cold and wet day when I took part, and a fair few people had gone before me, I was surprised to see the board looking pretty much as good as new. We use OSB regularly at work so it was great to see it hold up so well."

Whereas Calin was one of the few participants who managed to negotiate the different sized holes in the board without breaking into a sweat, a worthy mention must also go to the board itself which withstood well over 1,000 shots being fired at it from a short range by the nation's steel-toe capped tradesmen.

James Nunn, Owner of JND Property Maintenance, also commented: "OSB is a very useful board for us as it has a number of different uses. We regularly use it for a variety of jobs including boarding, shuttering and to protect outdoor surfaces. At a recent refurbishment we used it to protect the garden so it didn't get damaged and we've also used it on a school project so the diggers didn't churn up the playground.

"I like the fact that OSB is very durable and offers a more cost-effective option than some other alternatives on the market. The fact that we can re-use it again is great; it's a good all-round product. When I'm specifying jobs, OSB makes my life easier as it gives me just one solution for lots of different applications."

Alastair Kerr, Director General of the Wood Panels Industry Federation and spokesperson for the JOSB Done campaign, said: "I'd like to congratulate Calin on posting a tremendous score. When we began the campaign we were expecting to have to resolve it with a tie break at the end, so to achieve a stand-alone score of 30 is highly commendable!

"The overall feedback we have received from the trade during the course of the tour has been very uplifting. I am also pleased to see the board itself has withstood both the weather and the footballing efforts of the nation's tradesman across the five events. It has proved to be an excellent example of OSB's inherent strength and durability."