• Is OSB cheaper than Ply?

    Yes. If comparing like for like panels OSB can save you money, with no difference in performance.

  • Is it certified for structural work?

    Yes. Every British and Irish OSB panel carries CE, BBA and BSN* credentials, so it has the proof that itwill perform structurally and satisfy building regulations if used appropriately.

  • Doesn't Ply have the same credentials?

    No, not all plywood equivalents do. Why not do your own comparison and see why OSB is a better choice?

  • Does OSB meet environmental standards?

    Yes. Every OSB panel is made from home grown wood sourced from sustainably managed forests that are independently certified as having met internationally agreed forest stewardship standards.

  • Is OSB FSC certified?

    Yes. Every panel produced in the UK or Ireland meets the strict code set down by the FSC, so you have a 100% guarantee that rainforest have not been raided or clear-felled.

  • Is OSB easy to get hold of?

    Yes. Your local stockist can guarantee availability, so you won't have to wait around to get the job done. You can also use this website to order a sample of OSB and try it for yourself.

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Never used OSB before? Perhaps you've heard a few things about it from others in the trade? If you're considering it for your next job, here are a few things you should know.


Myth - OSB is not as easy as Ply to work with.


Key Points

Why use OSB?

Better results, better efficiency and better value. Oh and it's better for the environment too. There are lots more reasons why OSB's better all round. Find out more here.