Never used OSB before? Perhaps you've heard a few things about it from others in the trade? If you're considering it for your next job, here are a few things you should know.


Myth - OSB is not as easy as Ply to work with.

Fact - Because OSB's a precision engineered panel it can be sawn, drilled, planed, routed and sanded. It doesn't split, even when you're working close to the edge. You won't find voids and there are no knots to deal with.


Myth - OSB is like chipboard.

Fact - No it's not. It's different in lots of ways. OSB has a unique manufacturing process and can be used in many applications where chipboard is inappropriate. OSB's specialist structural qualities mean it's closer to plywood than chipboard.


Myth - OSB is not attractive.

Fact - Generally OSB's applications mean that it's out of sight at the end of a project. However often OSB is specified by interior designers to be used 'naturally'. That's because it has an interesting surface and texture, good colour and is incredibly versatile.


Myth - OSB won't last.

Fact - The technical results speak for themselves. OSB is strong, tough and here to stay.


So why use Ply when you could switch to quality assured, environmentally sustainable, value-for-money OSB?