Hints and Tips

Drilling, nailing, filing or sanding. Anything's possible with OSB. Take a look at how versatile OSB is with some helpful hints and tips below

  • Drive nails as close as 8mm from the panel edge without splitting
  • Glue panels with any PVA adhesive recommended for wood
  • Paint OSB with any quality wood-paint system
  • Sand panels on both sides for industrial or decorative use
  • Choose to touch-sand panels or leave them untouched

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Protecting OSB from fungal or insect attack

  • We recommend a 3-minute dip cycle with a solvent-based system
  • An adequate amount of preservative will be absorbed in this way
  • Avoid double-vacuum systems and water-based chemicals, as these can


Storage and Handling

How to look after OSB

  • Where possible, stack boards flat off the ground by at least 150-200mm, on a flat and level surface
  • Leave plastic packaging on and cover if storing outside
  • Preferably store them in a closed, dry building away from



How to avoid movement when your OSB boards are fitted

  • Condition your OSB boards to get them used to the in-use atmosphere of the room before fixing them in place
  • To do this, stack them loosely in the in-use (or as close as possible) moisture and