OSB : How it's made

OSB is made from coniferous wood species grown in forests that meet exacting and independent forest stewardship standards. Logs are typically cut from plantation thinnings' or from the top third of the tree thus leaving the rest to be converted into sawn wood products.

This way of collecting wood helps the growth and sustainability of the trees, plants and wildlife. Once the logs are cut, the bark is removed and chopped into strands about the size of a credit card.

The strands are then blended with resin and wax before being laid out on a conveyor belt into what is known as a ???????mat' . They're laid carefully so the strands on each layer face the same direction with the two surface layers oriented in the long direction and the middle layer at right angles. Extra strength is achieved from this cross ply effect.

The mat is then pressed together whilst heating to cure the resin, creating a board of OSB.

Strong, simple and very effective.