OSB vs Ply

Some plywoods can be weak, some can be strong. Not all plywood is the same.Do you know what to look for to make the right choice for the right end-use?

EN 300 OSB (produced in UK & Ireland) Plywood
High tech production methods. Can be high or low tech.
No voids in panel. Can have voids depending on how it was made, but may not.
Consistent wood species from FSC sources (responsibly managed forest). Can have consistent or varied sources for raw material.
Some could have a high number of species from non-sustainable sources.
Consistent performance when made to EN 300. Can be made from weak or strong species of timber or with different veneer thickness all affecting strength and performance even if made to EN 636.
Characteristic design values can be taken from EN 12369-1 (for EN 300) or supplied by the manufacturer from testing. Characteristic values could be supplied by the manufacturer, design values could be taken from BS 5268-2 if listed, could be taken from EN 12369-2 which requires the manufacturer to make you aware of the bending strength and stiffness classification according to EN 636.
Produced in UK and Ireland, with short transportation distances. Could be produced in Europe or could be produced in N. America, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South America, Canada, etc...